24 Fast Ideas for Content Upgrades

Grow your list with content upgrades. Content upgrades are in-content lead magnets that are related to the content you attach them to. Think of it as bonus content that adds value to the content your audience is already reading and interested in. To get the additional content your audience member will have to sign up for it.
There are so many types of content upgrades that you can create.
Here are some examples.

  1. Cheat Sheet – Guide them through an action. For example, if you write a blog post about writing a short story, offer a cheat sheet of the things you need to do before, during, and after writing the short story to get the results.
  2. Check List – Have you published a long blog post? Get the information to stick with a good checklist that will help your readers follow your process and do what you have stated works.
  3. Resource List – While a resource list is a great blog post idea, providing a download PDF version is even better. That way they can keep it on their computer and refer to it whenever they need it. You can make the resource list slightly different than the blog post as it can be a simple list with links to the items you described fully in your blog post.
  4. Transcripts – Anytime you create a video, you have an opportunity to also provide a transcript. Some people prefer reading to watching videos. Give them that option any time you have video content of any kind.
  5. Extra Videos – You may choose to put a clip of a video within a blog post, but offer the entire video via gated download. Content upgrades can be in any type of format.
  6. Replay of Webinar – If you have a webinar, offering the link to the replay is a great way to get people on your list for those who missed the live webinar. It’s a great way to repurpose that same webinar content.
  7. Quick Start Guide – Fill this with helpful information so people can get started with something fast. This is like a very abbreviated version of a “How To” post. Think of the Dummies series of books that often include a list, “The Least You Need to Know.” Having the Quick Start Guide is a huge help for people who don’t want to miss a step, but don’t necessarily need the detailed tutorial on a task.
  8. An In-Depth Guide – The opposite works, too: You can also go deeper with the guide to make it more in-depth. Give detailed information on each step, along with links to resources.
  9. eReport – We all learned to write these in school, and they’re a great way to offer a content upgrade.
  10. eBook – Same with an eBook, it’s a great way to offer a content upgrade to provide an entire book about the topic that you’re blogging about.
  11. Whitepaper – These are an excellent way to explain to your audience more about their problems and the solutions that you and others provide.
  12. Printable – This works great on recipe sites, homeschooling sites, and even self-help sites. People love printables, whether they’re adult color pages, exercise checklists, or chore charts. You can let people download and print all sorts of things.
  13. Worksheets – Whether it’s math problems for homeschoolers or a quiz to ensure that your audience member understood the concepts you taught them in a blog post. Worksheets are very popular content upgrades because they’re so useful.
  14. Assignments / Homework – Show your expertise by teaching something within content on your website and then give reader assignments and homework to do. The follow up task will bring their learning full circle and impress on them your expertise.
  15. Interviews – Put transcripts of interviews on your website as a blog post and offer the recorded interview as the content upgrade.
  16. Case Studies – Any time you can provide a case study that expands on the information you’re providing, it makes for a great content upgrade. People value real life examples of the changes they’re seeking.
  17. Additional Points – Write a blog post about 20 ways to do something, then offer a content upgrade that is 101 ways to do the same thing.
  18. Challenges – Writing about how to do anything, you can also offer a content upgrade that is a 30-day challenge. That challenge can be via email, or you can use the email to invite them to a secret Facebook group.
  19. Templates – This works for all manner of things. If you have good templates that you use in your business why not share them?
  20. Product Teasers – Offer your audience sneak peaks of products and services that you offer.
  21. Free Chapter – Did you write a book? Give away a free chapter. (As an avid reader, I can tell you that this one gets me every time.)
  22. eCourse – Teach something more in-depth that you wrote about on your blog.
  23. Swipe Files – If you use swipe files to help you get ideas for things, share them with your audience.
  24. Spreadsheets – Is the content you’ve posted full of data and other information? Provide a downloadable spreadsheet that they can use to organize the information.

Reading this list has probably given you ideas of how you can use this for your products. Give yourself a challenge: See if you can include a content upgrade within the content of every blog post that you publish.
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