5 Steps to Create An EPIC Content Page (and Opt-In Offers to Match!)

Epic content, also called long-form content, cornerstone content, and in-depth content, is content for your website or blog that is longer than average. Epic content often serves as a resource in and of itself. This type of content will make your audience think, inspire them, and can even change their lives. The content needs to create value and be useful. To create amazing epic content, you’ll need to ensure that you know your audience well, understand your competition, and know your overall mission for your business.
Epic content must be well researched, thorough, valuable, unique, and still be targeted to your audience in a very narrow way. The great thing is, you can create epic content by repurposing content you’ve already completed, and then writing a long-form blog post surrounding it, linking to each individual post on that one page.
Steps to create your Epic Content Page:

  1. Combine Previously Created Content If you have content in different categories on your website already it might be perfect to combine into epic content. Look for a combination of how-to posts on the topic or posts that leads them through a process. Look for any content that you have that can be combined well into one blog post and linked to.
  2. Create a Resource List Blog Post Even if you must plan a blog series, create the blog series, or find the blogs that you already made and create one long blog post that introduces each blog post and links to each blog post in the series. For example, if you have a lot of beautiful free information on your blog, it will help them find the important content.
  3. Optimize Your Epic Content Once you’ve created the epic content, take the time to optimize it. Develop an amazing headline, as well as make use of header tags. Use all the on-page SEO rules that you can incorporate that will help this content look it’s best. Add images with alt tags, a good meta description, and use white space to your advantage too.
  4. Develop a Highly-Targeted Opt-in Offer Based on the topic of the epic content that you create, develop a highly-targeted opt-in offer. Make sure you put it in a pop-up, as well as within the content calling it out so that your readers don’t miss it.
  5. Promote Your Epic Content The biggest key to making epic content work is to promote the epic content as if it’s your best product you’ve ever made. After all, it is your hard work and it is very valuable to your audience. They need this content and they’ll be happy to sign up for even more information once they understand that you’re an expert and thought leader via the cornerstone content that you create.

The best way to position this type of epic content is to put it on a page with few other distractions. As with a landing page, do not have any sidebars that could distract the reader. Use images, headings, and white space to lead the audience through the information.

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