A Quick Way To Get Started: Add Opt-In At The Bottom Of Your Posts

Our last post in this series focused on in-content opt-in offers. Now, let’s get started creating a quick one so that you can put this in action. There are several high converting spots to add an opt-in outside of your sidebar, slide, or pop-up offers.

An easy – and effective – way is to add an opt-in at the bottom of every blog post. If someone reads all the way to the bottom of a blog post, they are already interested and more likely to be interested in an offer.
This type of offer is considered a site-wide offer even though it appears at the bottom of each post. (You could also put a different opt-in at the bottom of each post you create based on the category that you use.)
The Technology
To add opt-ins, you’re going to need to create a download / thank you page where you add the opt-in as well as a sign-up form. You can do this in a few ways but at the absolute minimum, you need to purchase email autoresponder software. At Pecan Media Services, we have experience in multiple autoresponders, including Aweber.com, Convertkit.com, or Drip.com. But, for most of our clients, we recommend (and use ourselves) MailChimp. Your autoresponder allows you to create the form that you use to collect an email address to add to your list.
You’ll need to create at least one landing page for the opt-in offer: the thank you/download page. You can do this easily by simply creating another page on your website that is not added to the menu and is not indexed for search. You can also accomplish it with specialized landing page software that works with the email autoresponder software such as leadpages.net, instapage.com, and ConvertKit.com has landing page ability too. For most of us, however, a basic page on our own websites does the trick.
You may need a plugin that helps automate some of the processes, especially if you have numerous opt-ins created that you can add to a blog post based on the category that the blog post appears in. This can make it a lot simpler and faster, but you don’t have to have it. There are several such as Thrive Leads put out by Thrivethemes.com and Optinmonster.com.

You’ll also need to create the freebie itself for downloading. This can be as simple as creating a document in in Word and then turn it into a PDF file. You can make it look really professional using the software you already own, or you can hire someone to create a professional design that will make it really stand out. How you do it is up to you, but remember this, people are used to getting PDF documents as downloads.
Choose the Right Blog Posts

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Before creating your opt-in, analyze your blog posts to find out which blog posts already get the most views and comments. Even though this opt-in may end up being a site-wide opt-in, you want to reach the most active and engaged part of your audience. To do this, create something specifically for the most read posts on your website.
Once you’ve decided what your opt-in will be, outline it, and create it. Once created, get it up on your site so that it can be downloaded so you can start building your list as soon as possible.
The faster you get it up the faster you’ll start building your list.
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