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Using the WordPress App

You can use the WordPress app with your self-hosted WordPress site. The login is a little different: That’s it. Now, you can create those blog posts on the fly. Happy blogging!

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leave them wanting a little more

Leave them Wanting a Little More…

Always stay focused on the goal that, when you are focused on list building, the idea is to move everyone from everywhere else onto your email list. You want most of the in-depth content that you share to be either with your list members, within a content upgrade or opt-in offer, or one-on-one. Don’t share … Read more

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be creative in changing up your opt-in offers

Variety is the Spice of Life… So Change Up Your In-Content Opt-In Offers

You know it’s true. People become blind to offers that look the same or are always in the same spot. That’s why sidebar sign-ups shouldn’t be the only way your audience can get on your list. The reason is that when people come to your site they’re not going to look at your sidebar most … Read more

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Mentioning Your Lead Magnet In Your Content

Once you have at least one lead magnet you’re going to want to start promoting it. There are lots of ways to do so, and as mentioned previously, how you do things sometimes is dictated by the type of technology you’ve invested in. You can do most of this with only an autoresponder such as … Read more

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Five Easy Steps for Using the Post Tool in WordPress

Using the Post Tool is super easy. If Pecan Media Services set up your WordPress website, the post tool is also super important. You may be using it for: blog posts Newsletters Even sales listings Here’s how you add a new post: Click Add New Give your post a title Add your content Add a … Read more

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24 Fast Ideas for Content Upgrades

Grow your list with content upgrades. Content upgrades are in-content lead magnets that are related to the content you attach them to. Think of it as bonus content that adds value to the content your audience is already reading and interested in. To get the additional content your audience member will have to sign up … Read more

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5 Best Practice Tips when Using Pop Up Forms for In-Content List Building

5 Best Practice Tips when Using Pop Up Forms for In-Content List Building

Using pop up forms as part of your in-content list building is a great way to get more sign-ups. Many people say they dislike popup forms, but the facts when looking at the data show that popups convert more than other types of forms. This is true so long as the information you’re offering is … Read more

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Reach more Customers? Build Your List Faster by Tapping into Social Media

Want to Reach more Customers? Build Your List Faster by Tapping into Social Media

One of the best ways to boost traffic is to use social media as a means for promotion, engagement, and research. The truth is, the only effective way to build a targeted audience using social media is to share as much meaningful content with your audience as possible, while also engaging with them about the … Read more

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Just WHAT Is In-Content List Building?

List building is not just an important part of building a successful business today – it’s foundational. It doesn’t matter whether the business is online or offline, brick-and-mortar or completely digital – it doesn’t matter. Every business needs to focus on list building to ensure they have an active and responsive audience. Ongoing list building … Read more

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Dressing up Your Opt-ins:

Dressing up Your Opt-ins: Text Links? Plain Text Opt-Ins? Opt-In Forms? Oh, my.

There are several ways you can present in-content opt-ins to your audience. You can use text links, plain text opt-ins, and graphic opt-in forms. It’s up to you how to do it, and you should probably use all three types to find out what works best for your audience. In any case, the best way … Read more

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using in-content list building with video

In-Content List Building With Video

If you enjoy using video, you’ll be thrilled to know that you can also build your email list using video. It doesn’t matter if your video is on Facebook, YouTube or another platform. And, this strategy works whether the video is live or a recorded event. You only need three things: The audience The offer, … Read more

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A Quick Way To Get Started: Add Opt-In At The Bottom Of Your Posts

Our last post in this series focused on in-content opt-in offers. Now, let’s get started creating a quick one so that you can put this in action. There are several high converting spots to add an opt-in outside of your sidebar, slide, or pop-up offers. An easy – and effective – way is to add … Read more

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