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Unlock the Mystery of Keywords on WordPress

There’s a great, simple, easy, and (wait for it) free tool for WordPress sites that make using keywords in posts an articles a breeze. In this video, I take a sample article (thank you, Free PLR Article Directory) and improve it according to the the easy-to-use tools in Yoast SEO. Was this helpful? Please let … Read more

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Using the WordPress App

You can use the WordPress app with your self-hosted WordPress site. The login is a little different: That’s it. Now, you can create those blog posts on the fly. Happy blogging!

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Just WHAT Is In-Content List Building?

List building is not just an important part of building a successful business today – it’s foundational. It doesn’t matter whether the business is online or offline, brick-and-mortar or completely digital – it doesn’t matter. Every business needs to focus on list building to ensure they have an active and responsive audience. Ongoing list building … Read more

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Mentioning Your Lead Magnet In Your Content

Once you have at least one lead magnet you’re going to want to start promoting it. There are lots of ways to do so, and as mentioned previously, how you do things sometimes is dictated by the type of technology you’ve invested in. You can do most of this with only an autoresponder such as … Read more

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leave them wanting a little more

Leave them Wanting a Little More…

Always stay focused on the goal that, when you are focused on list building, the idea is to move everyone from everywhere else onto your email list. You want most of the in-depth content that you share to be either with your list members, within a content upgrade or opt-in offer, or one-on-one. Don’t share … Read more

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Are You Spinning Your Wheels on Social Media?

At this point in the twenty-first century (can you believe it’s nearly 20% over?), most of us have a very big chunk of experience on social media. That’s not the same as having professional experience. One of the upsides of having a lot of professional experience is that I no longer waste my time when … Read more

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In-Content List Building in Blog Content & Articles

In-content list building works well because it offers so many entry points to your email list. Once you have a few different freebies set up, anytime you create new content you have a new opportunity to mention your freebies. That means each new blog post or article is an opportunity to keep building your email … Read more

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5 Reasons to Grow Your Email List NOW

Like you, I always dread hearing about something else that I’m “supposed” to be doing when it comes to running my business. AFter, I’m busy… running my business! Here’s the thing. Staying in touch with your customers, your clients, or your readers is a vital part of your business. Having an email list isn’t something … Read more

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The More Focused the Offer, The Better

When using in-content list building practices, remember: Focus is everything. The more targeted your offers are to your ideal audience, the more effective they will be. The more targeted they are, the better they will help your audience. The more targeted they are, the more value they add. But the most important thing is, the … Read more

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Dressing up Your Opt-ins:

Dressing up Your Opt-ins: Text Links? Plain Text Opt-Ins? Opt-In Forms? Oh, my.

There are several ways you can present in-content opt-ins to your audience. You can use text links, plain text opt-ins, and graphic opt-in forms. It’s up to you how to do it, and you should probably use all three types to find out what works best for your audience. In any case, the best way … Read more

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in-content list building on social media

In-Content List Building On Social Media

In-content list building is not only a powerful strategy, it’s so versatile. You can use in-content list building via your social media platforms, too. In fact, you should be using every method you can to get more people to sign up for your email list. Your email list is your own gold mine. No one … Read more

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A Quick Way To Get Started: Add Opt-In At The Bottom Of Your Posts

Our last post in this series focused on in-content opt-in offers. Now, let’s get started creating a quick one so that you can put this in action. There are several high converting spots to add an opt-in outside of your sidebar, slide, or pop-up offers. An easy – and effective – way is to add … Read more

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