Building Targeted Sub-Lists with In-Content List Building

If you’ve ever created an audience avatar or created a buyer persona, then you know how hard it can be to narrow down one specific person to focus the information you create on. But, even within that targeted audience persona, there are ways to target people even more directly. A good example to look at is thinking of who has purchased certain products you have or downloaded certain opt-ins. How can you go deeper? How can you go broader? Not Everyone is Interested in Everything The fact is, not everyone is interested in every single topic in a particular niche. Some of your audience may never take you up on your one-on-one coaching offers, yet they may take you up on a group coaching opportunity. It’s not that they’re not interested in your expertise. It’s just that one-on-one coaching isn’t for everyone. That’s where segmentation comes in – and in-content opt-in offers that laser target these sub-groups of people in your audience.
Check Your Tech
The way you accomplish this will depend on the type of autoresponder system you use. Let’s say that you have a PLR company and you create content for several niches. Obviously, your entire audience will not want every single type of PLR that you create. You would want to be sure to offer opt-in offers for each type of PLR that you create. So – you put them on the right list.
If you use software that uses tagging on segments, then everyone is actually on one big list and only segmented by the tags used that trigger certain campaigns to be delivered. With, you can use it to build sub-lists by creating a separate sign up form, but they are starting to implement some tagging so that you can go back in and segment after the fact, too.
Advantages of Segmenting and Creating Sub Lists
The advantage of segmenting and creating sub-lists is that you won’t be giving anyone on your lists information they don’t want or need. The fact is that some people get upset and will unsubscribe if they don’t want certain types of information. Once you get someone on your list you can market things to them that you don’t make using affiliate links. If they respond to the offers, move them to a new sublist. That way you can start sending more offers to the people who have responded positively.
When you use the technology you have, along with specialized laser-targeted opt-ins both in-content on your blog, in social media, and your email list you can create many different sublists so that you can curate, create, and offer them exactly what they need when they need it.
Use this idea to build super targeted lists. Segmenting your lists more rather than less, and you’ll know exactly what your subscribers want to know and need to know in order to be lead through your marketing funnel and make more purchases of the products you’ve created just for them.

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