5 Reasons to Grow Your Email List NOW

Like you, I always dread hearing about something else that I’m “supposed” to be doing when it comes to running my business. AFter, I’m busy… running my business!

Here’s the thing. Staying in touch with your customers, your clients, or your readers is a vital part of your business. Having an email list isn’t something extra to do. It’s a basic tool that you need to be deploying. But don’t worry. This is not going to be one of those lists of things for you to do. This is going to be a list of things an email list does for you.

  1. Your email list is the fastest way to send important information. Schedule a new event? Getting ready for that book launch? Don’t wait for clients to come visit your website to notice. They’re busy! Sending a message using to your email list is the fastest way to let them know something is up – something they want to know about.
  2. Your email list is a direct line of communication. Sure, you have a following on Facebook, but chances are they won’t see your message until they get around to checking their feed. Messages sent to their email list go directly to their inbox, and they get that nice little notification on their phones that you’ve sent them something they want to read.
  3. Your email list is full of people who volunteered. When someone signs up for your list, it’s because they want to keep in touch. They want to know the latest news from you, and they know this is the best way to get it.
  4. Your email list can drive traffic to your website. I think this is the most overlooked advantage of an email list. When you send out an update about an event, where will they go to sign up? To your website. Book coming out? Where can they get a sneak preview? Only your website. In my own email newsletters, I like to feature links to posts that answer frequently asked questions by my current clients. They open the email and see the answer to something they’ve been meaning to email me about… and then they click the link to my website because it solved a problem and saved them time.
  5. The absolute best reason to grow your email list isn’t any of the above, however. It’s simple, but true. Your email list lets you stay in touch in a meaningful, personal way with each client. Now, we’ve all gotten on “those” lists that just turn out to be pitch after pitch: Buy this! Last chance to <spend your money on something you weren’t thinking about buying>! We ALL unsubscribe from those. But you aren’t going to do that, are you? You’re going to keep your customers updated on a product they already use. You’re going to tell your list that registration is now open for that training they’ve been waiting on, or maybe you’re inviting them to download chapter one of your next book. This is real value, because you are telling them the information they already wanted to know, and you were considerate and kept them informed before they came to ask you.

But… if you don’t have an email list, where do you get started? Get started with a reputable, high quality provider. Pecan Media Services recommends Constant Contact.

  • They have strong service, beautiful templates, and a FREE, 60-day trial.
  • It’s easy to use. You’ll be up and running in no time.
  • Although it’s straightforward enough for beginners, Constant COntact also has analytics and features that help you grow and leverage the service.
    • You can see what time of day to send so people are more likely to open their messages
    • Whether people are reading on mobile or desktop
    • You can even see how many clicks the links in your messages get

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