Existing Content: Making Connections to New Opt-In Offers

Whenever you publish a new blog post, you have an opportunity to use one of a lead magnets you’ve already created. Don’t make the mistake of putting your opt-in offers on only one page or one article. Put each opt-in within any type of content you create: just make sure that the topic matches and expands on the information in the article.
Blog Posts
Writing about something that reminds you of another blog post you wrote or about a lead magnet that you created? This is the perfect time to link to both! “Call out” the opt-in so it’s noticeable. Say something like, “Get more information from this [content upgrade] I created for you in this blog post about [this same topic].” (Of course, use your own words.)
Social Media
Don’t forget to mention your content upgrades on social media. Someone may ask a question that your blog post (one with the content upgrade in it) will answer. Groups can be a great place to share, since they are made up of people will interests in common (and likely, the same needs and problems in common, too). If it’s permitted by the rules of the group, provide a blurb to the blog post and a link to it so that they can see your information and grab the opt-in offer too.
Analyze Your Content
Start with the content that gets the most views – as long as that content is laser targeted toward your ideal audience. Try to match it with content upgrades that you’ve already created that fits with the subject matter, or create something new to help expand on the content and promote more understanding for your audience. When you offer multiple points of entry onto your lists via the content you already have, you’ll build your list faster.
Steady As She Goes
Think of the fable of the Tortoise and The Hare. The rabbit may jump all over the place and move fast, but the turtle is the one who makes sure and steady progress. Without distraction, he beats the rabbit. Be the turtle. You don’t need to do everything at once. Focus on your most read content, and developing entry points with opt-in offers to your audience that help them so that they can get on your list.
Develop a Habit
When you create new content for your blog, guest blog posts, articles – anything that other people will read, always add a content upgrade of some form to help your audience, add value to the content, and move them to your email list where you can educate and nurture them. It can be especially effective to place the link to your opt-in within your content, if you have a space to do it.

If you stay the course and follow your role model the turtle, you’ll create a lot of connections with your content that will create targeted opportunities and entry points to grow your list. Don’t try to create dozens of opt-ins to start, but, over time, make it your goal to create as many as you can so long as they make sense for your audience.

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