Five Tips to Grow Your List Inside Your Email Content

A great way to grow your email list (and often overlooked) is to ask your current list members for help. Occasionally, add to your email messages encouragement to your list members to tell their friends about your offers. Be clear that you’re asking them to do it by telling them what to do and how it benefits them. Remember, “Birds of a feather flock together.”
The fact is, pretty much anyone on your list knows at least one other person who also needs the information that you’re providing to your list members.
Here are some ways to use your email list to grow your email list.

  • Run a Look-a-Like Audience Advertisement When people sign up for your email list you can download all the addresses, then upload them to Facebook and market one of your opt-in offers to people who look like your audience. You can also market to their friends by using Facebook Ads targeting choices.
  • Add a Sign-Up Button to Your Email Why not? That might seem like a strange thing to do, but if you add a sign-up button in an email message that is also an offer of a freebie opt-in that your list members can share with their friends, they’ll feel good about giving it away to people they know. Make the signup button very clear with the benefits to them and their friends.
  • Add Social Share Buttons to Each Email Another way to grow your list inside your email content is to add social share buttons to the email message. That way your list members can easily click to share it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites. This is a great way to get the word out because once it’s on social media, it will be shared often by others, too, just because their friend shared it.
  • Incentivize Your List to Share You can incentivize list members to share by inviting them to join your affiliate or referral program too. Many people would love to earn a little extra money by promoting your information to their friends and family and some might even want to start a full-time business promoting you when they have good connections. Encourage all your list members to join your program by sending a notice to the list inviting them.
  • Send a Survey A great way to start the sharing process is to send them a survey to share with their friends and family that offers an opt-in based on the results of the survey. Then make it shareable with just a click to their friends. Once they click share, they should be taken to a landing page with their gift for sharing.

Remember that when you make it easy for your list members to share your offers and messages via email and social media, you can capture more list members via their friends.
Entice them with special bonus offers if they get people to sign up, set up a referral or affiliate program to incentivize them monetarily too.

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