In-Content List Building During Webinars and Interviews

Anytime you do a live event that’s a prime opportunity to promote your in-content opt-ins and grow your email list all the faster. Webinars are a well-known vehicle for freebie offers, but interviews will work, too. In fact, you can really leverage this method by doing a case study interview where you talk with a client or customer about how they have benefited from the way that you and your company has helped them.
In-content list building during webinars and interviews is quite effective and much like how you use it with videos.
Create a Special Offer Just for The Webinar or Interview
When an offer is specifically targeted to the webinar or interview attendee, you’re going to be much more likely to get subscribers. That said… you don’t always have to create the offer from scratch. Sometimes you can create it from PLR or from content you’ve already developed. The important point is that it matches the subject of the webinar or interview and the interests and needs of the audience who is watching.

Set Up a Dedicated Offer Page
The best way to ensure a smooth transaction is to create a dedicated offer page with a link that is easy to say, spell, and remember. You can use a link shortening service or you can develop the page directly on your website using a link that’s easy to remember and pronounce for your webinar or interview.
Offer Content That Adds Value
When you create your freebie, remember that the content needs to add value to the webinar or interview. It could expand on the information they’ve learned in the webinar. It might help them remember what to do if it was a “how to” webinar. The freebie could be a printable, a checklist, a cheat sheet, or anything that is directly related and increases the value of the experience.
Consider Expanding on The Content
If the webinar or interview was an “overview” type situation without any details, the best freebie will be one that expands on the information already provided. An eBook, whitepaper, or report is a great idea in this case.
Make the Content More Usable
A great idea for an opt-in is to create something that makes the webinar or interview content more usable. You can choose from templates, apps, worksheets, and other usable content that puts into action what was learned during the webinar or interview.
There are several ways you can bring up your special offer for viewers of your webinar or interview video. You can announce it multiple times during the event, or you can let the watchers know over the course of the event that there will be a special free offer that you’ll talk about after the main event but before the end of the webinar or interview. The strategy you choose It depends on how much you want to keep the audience watching the entire interview. If you really want them to watch the entire video, keep the offer until the end. On the other hand, if you are more interested in getting more people on your list, make the offer earlier in the video. Keep in mind that you will get more targeted subscribers when you require them to watch the entire webinar. However, the audience is viewing a recording, it really doesn’t matter since they can always fast forward to the end (and the offer).
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