In-Content List Building with Podcasts and Audio Recordings

Building your list using in-content opt-ins isn’t limited to blog posts. You can use this even with podcasts or other types of audio recordings as well. Although you should also have a blog where you offer the downloads for your podcasts and audio recordings, it’s important that you realize that you can also build your list using podcasts and audio recordings.
The best part is… it’s easy.

  • Create an Opt-in Page – Also call a landing or squeeze page, this is like a sales page for your free lead magnet. Make this page free of distractions: include only the information about the freebie and the subscriber form so that they can sign up. It can be short since it’s a freebie, but it should have a good image, bullet points, and some information to build trust.
  • Create a Short Link – Once your dedicated opt-in page is created you can create a special, easy-to-remember link. If you get along link from your landing page software, you can use different types of software to make the link shorter such as or via software like Yoast SEO. You can also create the landing page directly on your site with the URL of your choice.
  • Mention Your Short Link – When you create the short link, make sure it’s very easy to say and describes what’s the listener is going to get. This is important when you’re sharing the link through your audio recording or podcast. You can mention the link several times throughout your show and listeners are able to easily remember it. Practice saying it before you create it, so you know it is indeed easy to say, easy to spell, and easy to remember.
  • Add Links to Descriptions – Once you have the link to your freebie, be sure to add it to the description of your podcast or audio file. Where you actually place the link will depend on where you have the files hosted. Regardless, including the link is important, so make sure you put it everywhere you can.
  • Add Links to Blog Post Postings – When you create your podcast or audio, you can also embed the recording in your blog in a post. Add the transcript and make the freebie link stand out and apparent in the blog post.
  • Add Links to Show Notes – If you have show notes (and you should), include your easy-to-remember and easy-to-say link to your opt-in offer. Call it out specifically saying something within the content such as, “Don’t forget to get your freebie Easy to Remember Name and Link Here

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When you provide your audience more opportunities to get your freebie, you will build your list faster. People don’t act without a reason. Make them understand the reason:

  • The opt-in is valuable.
  • T
  • he opt-in solves problems.

The reason that the opt-in is important has to be more than just because it’s “free,” and that reason must be because it will add value to the audience member’s life.
Sometimes to think about: Your opt-in is not totally free, not really. You are asking for a valuable email address and permission to market to them via their private email. When they realize that you respect that trust, they’re going to be more likely to sign up, too.
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