Invite Your Audience To Connect Via Email On Your About Page

Did you know that the about page is one of the most visited pages on your website? Sadly, it’s also one of the most underutilized pages on all websites. It’s the perfect page to promote your email list via an opt-in offer. This opt-in offer should be laser-focused on new visitors that are your ideal audience members based on the research you’ve done for your ideal audience. Use your about page to build your list with these steps:

  • Step #1: Develop the Content with Your Audience in Mind Your about me page is really about them. Every story you share with them on that page should be with the audience in mind. It’s a great page to tell the story of how and why you do what you do (for their benefit) focusing on benefits over features. To link to blog posts that explain what you do more and show off your expertise. Remember to invite them to join you to get to know you on your email list.
  • Step #2: Create an Opt-In Offer for The Page When you create your opt-in offer on the about page it needs to be more like a sitewide opt-in that is focused on your ideal audience member and first-time site visitors. It can help to create an audience persona or avatar to help keep your focus. A good opt-in that works sitewide is a resource list such as software, apps, and items you recommend to your audience or a checklist that helps them do something themselves.
  • Step #3: Create the Landing Page or Sign Up Form Once you have the offer made, you can create a landing page for it, a download page, and the sign-up form. You can use software like and, but if you may also be able to set this up easily on your current site. You could also make a popup appear only to first-time visitors to your about page, presenting the freebie as a gift for new visitors.
  • Step #4: Create the Follow Up Autoresponder Series Never forget to create a follow-up autoresponder series for each of your freebies focused on the type of audience member who is going to download the opt-in. In this case, it’s first-time visitors. Use this opportunity to present the link to the free gift, asking them to share it with their friends, and also following up to find out how they like the freebie and if it’s helping them.

When you optimize this page for new visitors making it all about them you’ll get more sign-ups and they’ll think that you can read their mind too. Remember to focus on the benefits to your new visitor that you offer through your products, services, and information. Additionally, focus on building a relationship with them right away. After all, that’s how you keep your list growing with super targeted people who want and need what you offer.

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