Planning Content For Content Upgrades

As you move forward with your online marketing, you eventually want to start planning content for content upgrades. The idea is it will work seamlessly in your overall content marketing plan. You can do this in two simple ways that will make a lot of sense to you and show you how you can re-purpose content to create amazing information and value for your audience plus offer the right in-content opt-ins to build your email list fast.

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We’re going over two ways to do this:

  1. Create a blog post series consisting of 7 to 10 blog posts about one topic. You’ll offer the entire content from the series as the upgrade offer as a PDF file.
  2. Start with the content upgrade offer first such as a short report, eBook, or webinar recording that you already have. What you’ll do is take that info and brainstorm future blog posts that will be a good fit for this upgrade offer.

Let’s get Started:
Create a Blog Post SeriesYou may wonder why anyone would want to download the entire blog post series in one PDF file, but people do like to do that because most of the time a blog post series takes a few weeks to be published . Instead of digging through your blog, they like the option of downloading it all in one easy to read report.

  1. Outline the Series – The best way to prepare for success is to create an outline for the series and each blog post. This will help you to stick to each topic for each individual post and make each one complete. It will also ensure that each post builds on the other before it and leads to what comes after it.
  2. Write Each Individual Post – Now that you have the overall outline, you can start writing the posts. You can write them all at once, or you can write them each week. To save time, I suggest you consider writing them in one or two sittings. This makes it easier to stay on topic. You can write them all into one document then easily cut and paste to add to your blog. If you outsource the writing, the writer can do them all at once usually at a more reasonable rate than one at a time.
  3. Schedule the Posts – Once you complete a post you can go ahead and schedule it even if you’re not done with the freebie. If you finish everything first, then you can add the freebie to each post now instead of later. There are pros and cons of doing it both ways but the best way to do it is the way you’ll get it done. Don’t shoot for perfection, shoot for done.
  4. Compile Blog Posts into One Report – If you wrote each separately, compile them all into one document. If you wrote them into one document, then all you need to do is add some transition words between each post to make it flow.
  5. Upgrade It – To make the freebie more valuable to yourself and your audience take the opportunity to make it look great. You can make it in Word, then export it as a PDF file. (Click here for a tutorial on this.) You can hire someone to design the layout in in-design if you want something with more flair. Create a cover for it, and add graphics inside to make your ideas stand out even more. Don’t forget to keep your affiliate links in the report too. It’s fine to add an upsell to the end of the report if you want to as well as invite them to follow you on social media.
  6. Create the Components of the FreebieCreate your landing page, sign up form, download page and so forth. Also, remember to create additional emails for the people who sign up, such as a “thank you for signing up email” and other educational and promotional emails just for the people who grab this freebie.
  7. Attach the Freebie CTA to Each Blog Post in the Series – Once the freebie is done, go back to each blog post and add in the call to action for the freebie on each blog post in the series. You can even add this freebie to other posts that fit the criteria and cover similar topics. Make the CTA stand out so that they don’t miss it.

How you get the series complete is up to you. You can choose to write each blog post on the fly. You can set a schedule for a daily or weekly writing session. Or, you can write all the blog posts in one sitting so that you’ll have the entire series, along with the freebie, done before you publish it.
It doesn’t matter how you do it so long as you do it. Follow your plan to completion. Now, look at the second way you can do this.
Starting with the Content Upgrade
In some cases, you may already have some good freebies that you’d like to provide to your audience to get them on your email list. If you have webinar recordings, reports, eBooks, checklists, cheat sheets and other information already — whether you created it or it’s private label rights content, it doesn’t matter You can use it for the opt-in.

When you start with the opt-in, you’ll need to think backward from the above. Create blog posts around the freebie that you have, then attach the freebie CTA to each blog post you create. You should still outline the blog posts, still publish them in a series, and still set up all the pages and information that allows your audience to get the freebie content just as you did in the steps above. The only difference is, you’re starting with the freebie and designing content to go around the freebie.
Whichever way you choose to do it, remember that done is better than not done. Let go of the idea of perfection. Sure, you want the content to add value, but no one is perfect. You can always fix issues later. Most of the time, it’s a lot better than you personally think it is.
If your information is:

  • targeted toward your audience
  • created with the idea of adding value to your audience
  • solves their pain points

Then you’ve got a winner.
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