Variety is the Spice of Life… So Change Up Your In-Content Opt-In Offers

You know it’s true. People become blind to offers that look the same or are always in the same spot. That’s why sidebar sign-ups shouldn’t be the only way your audience can get on your list. The reason is that when people come to your site they’re not going to look at your sidebar most of the time. They’re going there to read your content.
Repurposing content and changing up the format helps make sure that you get more signups for your email list. Every now and then redo your signup forms to give them a different look. Change the call to action, or put the opt-in forms in different places as well as offering brand new lead magnets. How will you know when? Pay attention to your analytics.
When Signups Slow
You’ve created an amazing opt-in that worked great. You were excitedly sharing the content, getting tons of traffic and signups… and suddenly, you notice that it’s slowed down. Double check to be sure that you haven’t stopped promoting the content. Then compare the sign-ups to the page visits. If conversion rates have truly gone down, it’s time to change something.
When Traffic Slows
A slowdown in traffic can be the reason your signups have slowed, too. That means it may have nothing to do with the lead magnet at all, but rather your audience has lost interest in the topic, or you’re not sharing it enough. Try sharing more, change up the headline, pull some stats from it to see if you can increase traffic again. Sometimes paying for traffic via a boost Facebook Post can help.
When Email List Members Stop Converting
Your email list members will get bored. If you’re sending the same types of emails and they’re not getting a response — think of ways you to shake it up! Try different subject lines, combine offers to make them even more valuable, or just change up the colors. It’s your job to use your audience’s language, pain points, and your solutions to get them the information that they need.
When It’s Time to Update…
Let’s face it. Sometimes an opt-in offer needs to be updated because the information is old. This can happen even if the content you attached it to is evergreen. Maybe you provided a resource list that included software, and your preferences change. In that case, you’ll need to update any information that includes resources that either no longer exist or that you don’t use anymore.
Remember – create key buyer personas and keep them forefront in your mind. There is nothing else that will help you as much to develop even more targeted content for your audience. When you really know your audience, you will create better content, better opt-ins, and better products that will make your audience excited about what you have to offer next ending the problem with content and opt-in blindness.
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