Why In-Content List Building Works

When you’re focused on list building it’s better to have many points of entry to your list, just like it’s best to have many points of entry to your website. You can get more points of entry into your website via your social media activity, guest posting, and even via paid ads. The more points of entry you have, the more traffic you’ll receive to your website. That means more of your audience will also see the in-content lead magnets you’re offering, and more will sign up and end up on your email list. In-Content List Building…

  • Ends Side Bar Blindness Consumers can (and will) block out the information on your sidebar so they can focus on reading your content. Most people don’t want to be sold to and have long ago become resistant to offers. In fact, the word offer itself can trigger a site visitor to stop looking. But, putting your offers within the content of your blog or website avoids this problem.
  • Grabs Your Audience’s Attention When you put additional information (especially free information) within the content of your website, it’ll become more apparent to your audience that this is something they should pay attention to. This is true whether it’s in a blog post, as a content upgrade to give additional information, or under your blog posts.
  • Provides Relevancy Putting an opt-in within the content of your post or website also helps provide relevancy. When presenting a freebie this way, you’re forced to be laser targeted so that it has something to do with what the audience member is currently looking at. That makes it more likely that they’ll download it and subscribe to your list.
  • They’re Already Interested Another reason in-content lead magnets work so well is that the person reading the content where the lead magnet sits happens to already be very interested in the topic they’re reading. This makes them much more likely to download the lead magnet and sign up for your email list.
  • Gives Deeper Understanding In-content lead magnets are very laser targeted and designed to give a deeper understanding of your customers’ problems and pain points and – most importantly – solutions. They also help them understand what type of quality you provide to your audience.
  • Provides Multiple Points of Entry When you put several different in-content lead magnets on your website with each being specific to your goals and objectives, they provide your audience multiple points of entry onto your email list. This in turn helps you service several segments of your audience.
  • Offers More Opportunity to Show Your Expertise Another factor with in-content email list building is that the more opt-in offers you provide, the more opportunities you have to show your audience your expertise level. The deeper you can go with the information, the better. st.

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List building is craft. Like anything, the more you “practice’ the better your results will be. Over time, you’ll need to revisit and revise your opt-ins as your audience’s and your business’s) needs change. One of my favorite sites in terms of opt-in use is HubSpot, Check them out, and you’ll see great examples of how they use in-content opt-in offers to build their email list.
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